Health Systems Governance Platform

Caring for Health Systems in Africa

Community of Practice - Health Systems Planning and Governance (CoP-HSPG)


The Health Systems Governance Platform is a knowledge management and exchange initiative that builds on the work, achievements, difficulties faced, and experiences of the Community of Practice on health systems planning and budgeting.

This platform is for health systems practitioners, who wish to collaboratively learn and share information on health systems governance in attempt to improve their professional practice and strengthen the governance of their respective health care systems in Africa

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Mission and Vision

This platform aims to be an interactive and dynamic space, where health practitioners in the African region, share knowledge, experiences and resources on the governance of their health care systems

The vision is that members would collaboratively contribute to building the field and practice of health systems governance. Through various knowledge creation and exchange activities, members would have an increasing role in influencing the implementation of governance functions, principles, mechanisms or arrangements in every public health activity, policy or program for the benefit of their health care systems


What we do

Community of practice

A secure space where health practitioners, researchers, decision-makers, advocacy groups, media, students & civil society groups, can discuss online and share knowledge, experiences and resources

Capacity building interventions

Through the organization of key webinars, analytical blogs, open discussions, academic publications, training events & conferences on the topic etc.

Panel of expert debates

On various issues pertaining to the governance of health systems in Africa

Research & documentation partnerships

Conducting research & documentations projects such as on health sector operational planning & budget allocation processes; governance functions & principles within the health sector etc.